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Our terms and conditions of entry document can be viewed here: Albury Touch 2023-2024 Summer Competition



The Albury Touch Association 2023-2024 summer touch competition will commence on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 October 2023.

Monday Night – Mens / Open Competition

Tuesday Night – Mixed Competition

All games will play be played as six (6) a side.

All players must be 13 years or older.

All games are played at Jelbart Park, Kaylock Road, Lavington.


The competition will be run from October 2023 to March 2024 consisting of 17 weeks of play (including finals) with a 5 week break over the Christmas / New Year period. Summary of the key dates for the season are:

Online Registrations – Open Friday 1 September 2023
Online Registrations – Close Satursday 30 September 2023
Round 1 Monday 9 October 2023; Tuesday 10 October 2023
Last Round for 2022 Monday 18 December 2023; Tuesday 19 December 2023
First Round 2023 Monday 29 January 2024; Tuesday 30 January 2024
Grand Final
‘Double Header’
Monday 4 March 2024; Tuesday 5 March 2024



Game times are 6.10pm and 7.10pm.


Players must register online via the My Sideline portal. The registration fee is $70.00 per player, per team. This fee must be paid at the time of online registration. Unregistered and / or unpaid players will not be able to take the field until their registration is complete and paid. Players must be at least thirteen (13) years old to play. Players must be able to produce proof of age and / or identity if required by the association. Players may only be registered in one (1) team per competition night. Any player who plays in different teams in the same competition will incur any automatic two week suspension. Players cannot change teams during the season except by written application to and approval by the Albury Touch Association Committee. Teams playing an unregistered player, or a player registered in a different team will forfeit the game.


All duty referees are required to supply their own whistle. All duty referees are to wear a white shirt or singlet. Duty referees are to report to the Admin/Canteen area prior to game time to receive their game allocation. The duty referee is to collect the following items from the Admin/Canteen area to take to the field:
• Game Ball
• Score Sheet
• Team Sheets
• Hand Sanitiser
The score sheet is to be completed by one (1) referee.
The team sheets are to be completed by the team managers/captains.
At the end of the game the referee is to return al items to the Admin/Canteen area


We have 6 fields available and our competition is played at Jelbart Park, Lavington. Below is an image of our fields with highlighted team areas.


Jelbart Park, Lavington

Games are played according to Touch Football Australia Playing Rules (8th Edition), and any amendments stated in these terms and conditions. Albury Touch Association reserves the right to make changes to these playing rules or implement any new rules as per the governing bodies.
It is a requirement that teams, players, officials, parents, guardians, and spectators abide by the following codes – Touch Football Australia (TFA) Code of Conduct and NSW Touch Association (NSWTA) Social Media Policy. Any person may be asked to leave the touch fields by an Albury Touch representative if they are in breach of these codes. Failure to do so will result in the game being stopped or abandoned until the offending person complies.
Team uniforms may be any colour except white (no white or predominantly white shirts or singlets allowed). All players must wear matching shirts. All shirts are to have a clearly visible number on the back. Numbers must be unique (no two players are to wear the same number). All teams to be in correct uniform by Round 4. Any player not in correct uniform will not be allowed to take the field of play. Players are not allowed to swap shirts during the game. All players are to wear socks and suitable footwear. Shoes or boots with screw in studs are not allowed.
Forfeits must be notified to Albury Touch Association no less than 48 hours prior to the game time. A team forfeiting without giving notice in the required time will incur a penalty of the loss of 3 competition points. Any team which forfeits 3 games during the season may be removed from the competition.


Any injury that occurs during a game must be reported to the association after the game to ensure that the necessary forms may be completed. Albury Touch Association reserves the right to call an ambulance to attend an injury player if deemed necessary. Injured players who are present at a game but do not play due to their injury may sign the team sign on sheet to register their attendance by writing (injured) in brackets next to their name.
When injured, report your injury to your Association immediately and fill out the injury report form. (This must be done on the day / night) DOWNLOAD HERE
  1. Request a claim form within 30 days via Sportscover – or download via the TFA website
  2. Ensure your team, local association and state are provided. Ensure the official report form is completed by your association. Please remember to complete all section to avoid delay
  3. Have your medical practitioner to fill in the appropriate statement and email all completed paperwork to
  4. Claim from your Private health insurer/Medicare, if applicable
  5. When treatment is complete please return all accounts.
Touch Football Australia manages changes to the policy to maintain currency with industry requirements. In addition, claims are managed so large increases related to increase claims are evened out across the scheme ensuring stability with insurance related costs for local associations.  
To review the coverage available, we recommend all individuals to consider their personal circumstance and assess if additional external coverage is required outside of what is offered as part of membership to the affiliated structure of Touch Football Australia.
To view policy related information, please visit the ‘Insurance’ section of the Touch Football Australia website:
For wet weather updates please follow our Facebook page:
Decisions will be attempted to be made well in advance, however this is sometimes out of our control. If fields are open, rain, hail or shine the games are ON. There is no need to make personal contact with anyone from the Association as they are guided by the Council. If for any reason the games are cancelled but the grounds are open, then you will be notified accordingly.
Albury Touch Association utilises its website, Facebook and email as its primary source of providing information to teams and players. Please check regularly for updates.
MOBILE:              0418 166 762 (calls only, no texts)
Kids Playing in the wet